Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 5 - Happy Halloween!!

Well it was definitely a day full of temptations!  

Everyone was going around handing out candies in the office.  I had a stash sitting on my desk.  Luckily one of the girls brought her granddaughter in - guess who got the candy?  Yay!

My little guy was super excited to go out as Luigi ("the green Mario") and got plenty of treats.  So I walked with him for about an hour until he was ready to drop.

Got the little guy into bed, looked at the clock and realized it was already 10pm!

My hubby is trying to convince me to not bother doing a workout until I looked down at this...

Well - dang it I had to do it! 

So 10 at night, Halloween makeup still on, I went for it and got 'er done!

Now it's bedtime!  

I'm excited to see what Tony has in store for me tomorrow with the Super Saturday workout :D 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 4 - Happy Knees

My knee feels so much better!  I kept it wrapped all day and during my workout. I was able to do everything and only modifying the jacks :D yeah! 

I was sore from my last Sweat A/Ab Ripper session, so this workout really helped loosen my muscles back up.  

If you feel sore after working out and want to skip - don't!!  Working those muscles will help you relieve the pain and you will feel so much better :) Think of it like a new addiction!! 

I had an amazing talk with one of my challengers today who was down in the doldrums.  She had her program but didn't have the drive to go.  I know what it's like - that was me when my coach (friend from high school) talked to me. 

The biggest point I told her was to stop telling yourself "I can't".   When you limit yourself, you believe it.  

So turn it into "I can".  Drop that T!!  

By focusing on the positives, you are opening up so many opportunities for yourself.  Yes you can!!!

 You CAN do it!   

You can find the time (a Beachbody workout is only 2% of an entire day). 

You can ditch the unhealthy foods and find healthy alternatives that you love :) 

You can choose to do whatever you want. 

Once you get the "I Can" into your mind... Then turn it into "I DID" 

You can all do it!  

Stay positive, don't let others get you down.  You are your own person - with your own goals. 

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3 - Well that was dumb

I really really should have known better. To start slow! Durrr! 

 Well today I'm suffering from a knee injury. I probably shouldn't have been jumping around like I did and really should have started out with the modified moves. But I was just having so much fun!! Well that's what I get. 

 So, my job is to find out WHAT I can do, and how to modify the moves so I'm not doing more damage and still getting my workout in. 

Yes... I know I'm stubborn. 

No... I'll never change. 

 Will let you know tonight after my workout. 

 (ps. Yes I know I should go see a doctor... and I will on the weekend if the pain doesn't go away - I promise!)


Stir Fry anyone?  Yum! 

Okay! So I got my workout in (yay me!) although hubby was paranoid I was going to hurt myself worse (bless him, he knows how damn stubborn I am). 

There was a bit of modfying on my part, but not too much.  Back to Sculpt A again today.  I marched instead of jogging.  Push-ups were done against the wall.  I replaced the running lunges with more squats (lunges hurt, squats don't... Go figure).  Everything else I was able to manage pain free.  

Unless your doctor absolutely forbids it, you can always workout around an injury.   

Now don't let this post scare you!  I have always had knee issues and I am a big girl!!  If you're my size and have old injuries - start on the modified pace! It's there for you to use it!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 2 - Day two down!!

So decided to give it my all and then some! 

I love how motivating Tony is. Just when you think you're about to drop - he cracks a joke and you're back at 'er.  

Again I love not doing the rounds, but move on from one move to the next. (Okay I lied, you do two rounds but they have so many moves in between, it didn't get boring) 

I was doing jumping jacks?! Wow!  I hate jumping jacks, but with Tony - I got right into it! 

Heck I even got in some martial arts moves! How fun is that?!?

Ab Ripper was also great.  Again, one move to the next. 10 reps and moving on.  1 minute is just too much for me, I like variety. 

Are you interested in trying it?  Just click on that handsome guy on the right side of the screen - heck - better yet, leave me a comment!   I promise I'll get back to you! 

Day 1 - What? P90? Yep!

So out the sheer excitement of ordering a new program, I had accidentally ordered the wrong one. 

 I got home from work yesterday, and there was my package sitting on my doorstep in all it's brown cardboard glory. I was thrilled! It's like being a kid running down the stairs on Christmas morning! 

 I took a deep breath, cut the tape and reached into the box... and pulled out P90?! 

 Okay I was a little disappointed at first, the reason why I (thought I had) ordered 10 Minute Trainer was because I could work out in 10 minute increments. I also wanted to be able to test the program so I can yay/nay it for my challengers if they asked for my opinion. 

 So I looked over the book and started getting more excited. This is an amazing 90 day program with a good nutritional book. Instead of getting upset - I jumped for joy! 

 After dinner, and I got the kids settled into bed (hubby included) I threw in the disk and started it up. Everything you need to know is in a 10 minute introductory video with Tony Horton (very handsome guy with a great sense of humor). 

Even after the workout when I felt like dropping, I knew I was going to get along just fine with this trainer (sorry Autumn, I still love ya girl!). There are two options to choose from. You can focus on Sculpting, or Cardio. I do a lot of walking/stair climbing every day - so I chose the sculpting (don't worry, you still get your heart pumping - and not just from Tony's killer smile either). 

 So after my first workout - I was impressed. It's not exactly more difficult than the 21 Day Fix, but the workout is very different. You do 15 - 17 reps of each exercise, no rounds you just plow through. I love how you see the workout prior to actually doing it. 

Like the 21 Day Fix there is a moderator, but the biggest difference is she doesn't jump around as much - other than that, you get a GREAT workout. I shook for about 20 minutes after the workout was done, and I woke up this morning sore sore sore! But "It's a good thing" (Martha Stewart)

As for the Shakeology, I'm waiting until the weekend to try it since I have an stupid stomach that doesn't always like to try new things.  Best to not be stuck on a train on the way to work if my tummy decides to revolt.   Super excited to try them! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Coming!!

I placed my order for 10 Minute Trainer on Saturday, and according to UPS I get the package on Monday the 27th.  I'm so stoked!

So after a few rounds of the 21 Day Fix (kind of slacking in the workout department during the weekdays for the last two and a half weeks), I have lost a total of 19 lbs and 16 inches. 

So my starting point is: 215 lbs (234 in July.... 240 last year) 
I'll update when I get it 😄